Reputation Management

What is your company reputation worth?

A significant amount of every organisation’s financial worth is based on its reputation.

An organisation with a poor reputation is going have a difficult time keeping existing customers and an even harder time obtaining new customers.

Here at IC3 Solutions, we monitor social media, web, blogs and news sites to ensure you’re aware of customer sentiment and help you address concerns before your unhappy customers start viral campaigns on social media, contact the media outlets or start legal action.

Our solutions have already saved our clients over $5 Million in legal costs and $100’s of Millions in potential brand damage.

Check out our packages below and contact us to discuss the perfect package for your organisation.

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Basic Package

Our Basic package is the perfect place to start for companies who want to become aware of what is being said about them on social media and websites around the world.
Results are reviewed daily and reports are provided on a weekly and monthly basis and includes statistics on your company mentions, global reach, top countries, overall sentiment and top topics surrounding your brand.
Information is also provided on the most influential and active pages/people mentioning your brand across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, News/Blogs and Web and is provided in a format that would suit public relations and executive-level

Advanced Package

Designed to ensure your corporation can respond quickly to threats and concerns and address issues privately, our Advanced package is designed for larger corporations who need that extra layer of information. This package includes everything in the basic package, with the addition of emerging topics and discussions happening BEFORE they hit front page news, damage your brand and become a PR managers’ worst nightmare.

Information is provided in formats suitable for presentation directly to “C” level management.

Platinum Package

For corporations who want it all, this package includes everything covered in our Basic and Advanced packages, with the inclusion of real-time access to our dashboards and reports.

We use world-leading software, processes and innovation to ensure you address any concerns while staying ahead of your competition.

We constantly review all data collected and provide ongoing escalations of critical issues and provide ongoing coaching on your people, processes and even product deficiencies, required to reduce the noise on social media and turn your negative customer sentiment around (you’ll be very surprised what we discover for you).